Pick up and Drop off Procedures (traffic)

For everyone's safety, please follow these drop off and pick up procedures.

The gates will open daily at 8:15am and will be locked after arrival every day at 8:45am.  Students arriving after the gates are locked must report to the front office.  

Dismissal for kinder through third grade is at 2:20pm

Dismissal for grades 4-8 is at 2:46pm

The Front Gate

The front gate is for students who walk to school, bike riders, parents who drive and drop off their students and for parents who drive, park, then walk their students to the gate.  It is the busiest gate so please take care to follow the traffic patterns.

If you are doing a curbside pick up or drop off please enter the far right lane and follow it around the traffic circle before entering one of the three holding lanes.  You will then be motioned forward to the pickup and drop off zone to load or unload your student.  Please do not park and leave your vehicle in the pick-up zone.  If you are dropping off your student, please make sure they are ready to exit the vehicle when you reach the pick-up zone as parking and waiting for the gates to open is not permitted.  


If you are parking and walking your student to the front gate, please use the left lane on entering the parking lot.  Please walk your student from the parking lot to the front gate area. Do not drop off students in the parking lot and allow them to walk unaccompanied through traffic.  

The Sportsplex Gate

The Sportsplex gate is also a very busy entry and exit point. This gate is for students who are dropped off or picked up by car and bicycle riders only.  No walkers should arrive or leave by this gate. 

For drivers dropping off or picking up students at the Sportsplex gate, please follow the traffic pattern below and wait until you are in the 'supervised pick-up' zone before loading or unloading your student.  This gate is also for drivers who wish to park and walk their students to the supervised pick-up zone.  Please do not drop of your student and have them walk, unaccompanied, through the parking lot.  Again, this gate is NOT for students who walk to school as there is no sidewalk or protected pedestrian path.



The Riverwalk Gate


The gate on Riverwalk Drive is for students who walk to and from school only.  Please do not stop along Riverwalk Drive to pick up or drop off students.  Parking to load or unload students on this street is not safe.  

Riverwalk Gate