Welcome Back Letter

Mr. Jon Conway
August 2020


Rio Seco School

Dear Rio SecoFamilies ,

During these trying times I want to assure you that I will do everything necessary to ensure your child is ready for high school . I am extremely pleased to be given the opportunity to work with your student in this 2020-2021 academic year . Each period will meet virtually 2 times a week.This where I will introduce their lessons and give guidance on what to focus on. Individual and /or group learning will be made by request. Please remember that I will be taking role each day. It is mandatory that all students attend the two weekly virtual meetings and make contact with me the other 3 days.When turning in all assignments please use your first and last name. While in virtual meetings make sure that your video is on at all times and stay muted unless you have a question or if i ask you to unmute.You should have a structured area in which to work with a nondistracting background that is appropriate. Understand that you will be taking notes, reading and writing (i.e. dining room/ kitchen, a desk or work area is suitable. Your bed is not suitable.Profanity is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. If you are dropped from a meeting, you will not be able to enter again and will the attendance for the day. An email will be sent to your parents notifying them that you were dropped for the day from the virtual class due to disruptive behavior. I am sure that together we will enjoy a terrific year of discovery and learning (and just maybe find out that history isn't so bad after all ) . The following is a brief summary of the grading criteria for the course and classroom expectations . Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions . My classroom phone number is (619) 956-5565 . You can also contact me by email . My email address is [email protected] .


Point values will vary depending on the assignment . Overall grades will be computed based on the percentage of the total points available that the student has accumulated .


Numerical Grade









Assignments must be turned in on time to receive maximum credit . Assignments not turned in by the due date will be accepted but will receive 10% off every day for the first five days . After that it will not be accepted . Students who are absent will , of course , be provided a reasonable time period to complete and turn in the assignment .

Exams will be given at the end of each major unit . Vocabulary terms , people to know and essay questions will be written on the white board prior to a test .

All grades will be entered on Power School as quickly as possible . I highly recommend that you and your student check the grades regularly so that you can track how things are goingand see if there are any questions concerning the grades .

Classroom Behavior Expectations

In order to ensure that we have a welcoming and supportive classroom atmosphere that affords every student the opportunity to be heard and to learn , I ask that all students understand the following guidelines on classroom behavior that they will be expected to display .

Respect for fellow students. Students will show respect for their fellow students through :

  1. Allowing others to speak without interrupting .
  2. Allowing everyone to hear questions , ideas , and discussion .
  3. Ensuring that you are not hindering other students' opportunities to learn .
  4. Using language that is appropriate for the classroom .

Respect for the classroom . Students will show respect for the classroom through :

  1. Not usingclassroom materials without permission .
  2. Taking care of classroommaterials , including textbooks .
  3. Not eating food or chewing gum inclass .
  4. Picking up after yourself .

Personal Responsibility . Students will show responsibilty through :

  1. Bringing the proper materials (paper ,pencil , pen , notebook , etc ) to class .
  2. Completing andturning in assignments on time . If a student is absent they need to see

me to find out what work they have missed .

Please feel free to contact me at any time if you have any questions concerning the grading

Criteria or classroom behavior expectations . I also encourage you to contact me whenever

You have a question or concern about any aspect of the class during the course of the year .

Again , I am excited about the upcoming year and look forward to meeting you and hope that this will be a great year for your student .