Classroom Supply List

I expect that students can manage materials successfully in fifth grade.  I have already purchased pencil boxes for all students and various other classroom supplies.  Next weekend, I will purchase what we still need in the classroom.


In the past, pencils have become a MAJOR distraction in the learning environment!  For the last few years, I have successfully implemented mechanical pencils.  Mechanical pencils that hold 0.9 mm lead are amazing for young writers!  By using the thicker lead, there is virtually no breakage which happens with thinner lead, students do not need to constantly sharpen pencils, and they are always ready to go.  I will give your child a mechanical pencil and lead refills as needed.  

We could always use the following items.  I appreciate the generosity of Rio Seco families in wanting to donate to support our students and teachers.

Crayons (16 or 24 count)

Composition books (2 would be ideal)

Colored pencils 

Hand-held sharpener with cover

Fine tip markers

Glue sticks

Computer paper



School scissors

Dry erase markers (black only)