CPM Mathematics

CPM (College Preparatory Mathematics) is a math program that is adopted to fit the California Common Core Content Standards. The mathematics spirals which means that your child will be reviewing older concepts, learning new concepts, and looking ahead as well. This ensures the complete learning experience in the CPM Program. The units will be composed of learning packets which include important key features such as Methods and Meanings and Spiral Review. In order to get the entire experience of the program, the CPM website is very important.


On the CPM website, we are working out of Core Connections Course 2. By clicking this link, there are the following choices;
etools/videos) Content that can be used as manipulatives on the Ipad.
Homework Help) Extra assistance that will help with that day's lesson.
Parent Guide with Extra Practice) Gives an alternative explanation with additional practice problems.
Resource Pages/Toolkit) Printables helpful for the given assignments.