Frequently Asked Questions!

Question: Do I need to attend PTSA meetings in order to become a member?

Answer: No, you do not need to attend any meetings. Just by paying the small membership fee to the Rio Seco PTSA, you are contributing much-needed funds for student activities and family events throughout the school year. Your dues are used for Star Awards, Spirit Days, Red Ribbon Week activities, assemblies, buses for field trips, school improvements and much, much more. Attendance at the periodic PTSA General Association meetings is not required. If you have comments or ideas, you can email or call the PTSA Board members...and attend an occasional meeting as you are able.


Question: My child would like to attend the Father-Daughter/Mother-Daughter/Father-Son/Mother-Son event and would like to bring his/her grandfather, grandmother, aunt, uncle, cousin, family friend, adult sibling, etc. Can my student still attend?

Answer: Of course! Our PTSA strives to create events throughout the year for all families. The whole idea behind these events is to provide Rio Seco students with opportunities to spend quality time with an important adult in their life. If you or your student ever has a question about attending a PTSA-sponsored school event, please feel free to contact the PTSA President or any PTSA board member. Our contact information can be found on the PTSA web page.


Do you have more questions? Please contact the PTSA at: [email protected]