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We are an amazing class of 6th graders. We strive to be a class who respects each other, cares for each other, and will learn and celebrate together.

We will begin the year with some poetry! By using "close reading" strategies, we will become aware of poetry's structure as well as its underlying deeper meaning.

Websites with Poetry:

The Top 21 Poems to Share with Children Scroll down to find poems for elementary schoolers or poems for middle schoolers.

Classical Poems for Children

Poetry Lover's Page Check out poems by Kipling, Poe, Robert Louis Stevenson, and more!

We will also be learning about the structure of our language, so that we can become better, more effective writers.

Parts of Speech resource

For math, we are using a program entitled Core Connections, Year 1. This program integrates basic skills with conceptual understanding and problem solving and is designed to prepare students for College Preparatory Mathematics courses in higher grades. It is not only designed to enable students to understand and master mathematics curriculum standards, but to develop the students' logical and mathematical reasoning skills. Students will be expected to take notes, explain, and reflect on their thinking in their math journal to better understand concepts. Here's an important link for information, resource pages, and even homework help!

CPM Link

In science, we will start by diving into the Crosscutting Concepts from the Next Generation Science Standards. We will be reviewing some 5th grade science concepts and launching into 6th grade content. Students will keep a science journal as they note and record descriptions, explanations, predictions, and evidence while expanding content knowledge.

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