Welcome to our web page for the 2021 - 2022 School Year.



I am looking forward to learning together this year. I have lots of challenging, fun, and interactive activities planned for you. I will have a great Google Classroom set up for us. To win a prize, have your parents read my (click here -->)Letter to Parents and send in the requested information (at the bottom of the letter.) Also, see our (click here -->) "Back to School" supply list for ideas of what you might want to bring to school!



Important Dates:

First Day of School: August 18th (8:30 am to 2:46 pm)

Back to School Night (Virtual via Zoom): Wednesday, September 1 @6:30 pm

Labor Day: Monday, September 6 (No School)



These are photos of my dog, Piper, when she was a puppy. Enjoy!

Piper, my puppy

Little Piper

Chewy Piper