Citizenship Expectations

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Citizenship Expectations

Your child is a valued member within our classroom community!  All students deserve a positive educational climate for his or her academic and social growth.  Lifelong success depends in part on self-discipline.   Our Motto is We C.A.R.E. This means we will

  • Be part of the school Community
  • Choose a positive Attitude
  • Respect themselves, others, and property
  • Demonstrate Empathy for their peers and others

By following these norms, students have guidance in making good decisions about their behavior and thus, an opportunity to learn in a positive, accepting, productive environment.


Positive Incentives/Acknowledgments:

In room 23, students' achievements at school, whether academic, social, or behavioral, will be honored and acknowledged!  I want students to know they are appreciated when they display good citizenship, character, and decision making.  


We will be using a classroom economy in which students earn classroom cash that they can spend on coupons for privileges.  Students can earn whole class privileges as well as individual privileges.  Because each class has its own unique make-up, we typically create these together the first week of school.



We follow the 5-Step Plan at Rio Seco.  Poor choices will usually warrant an individual student warning (verbal).  If poor choices persist, consequences are as follows:


Step 1:  Documented warning

Step 2:  Counsel about Behavior Expectations

              10 minute detention during recess 
Step 3:  Parent contact/conference (phone, e-mail, or in-person)                                                                    loss of recess privilege

Step 4:  Administrative referral

Step 5:  Administrative referral/Suspension from class


School Policy: Once on a STEP CARD, students have five (5) school days "probation" between each step. If they have no behavior problems during that time, they will be given a fresh start. Any behavior problems that occur during the five (5) school days of "probation" will advance students to the next step.