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Welcome Back 22-23! 

Hello Parents,
Welcome back to another school year! I am excited to welcome back my students from last year and the incoming 7th graders. Making the transition from elementary to junior high is an exciting time filled with lots of emotions. We will have a great time making new friends and enjoying the independence and responsibility of being in the junior high building. 

I am a graduate of Azusa Pacific University, and this will be my 8th year as a credentialed teacher, and 15th year in education. My responsibility as case manager is to monitor your child's progress and goals as related to their IEP and maintain contact with you regarding that progress. I want to make sure that we are working together in order to provide your student with the services and supports that he/she needs to be successful. Consistency that extends from home to distance learning and return reinforces appropriate and expected behavior. Details such as changes at home or with family are also helpful to share so behavioral changes can be expected and monitored as needed. Please feel free to contact me whenever you have any questions, concerns or anything else you would like to share.

I will be using Google Classroom to communicate with students and assign work. Once student iPads are distributed, I will make sure every student is able to access my ELA, Social Studies, Math, and Science classrooms. You will also have access to these classrooms and I invite you to join them to be able to monitor your child's work. 

For the success of all of the students, attendance and engagement will be closely monitored, and grades will be assigned accordingly. We will be using the  Read 180 program in English Language Arts, iReady Math, the Savvas textbook in Social Studies and Google Classroom.

Please know that we are sensitive to each family's different needs and situations, however  communication is  vital to the success of your student. Your child's attendance is equally important, as they will be responsible for making up any missed assignments. Please know that we are here to support you and your child. Ideally, we will be a team to support each other. I am looking forward to an exciting year full of learning and growing!

Tricia Foley
7th/8th Special Education Teacher, Case Manager
[email protected]



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Getting your child to be respectful and cooperate is another challenge but well worth the frustration and sweat that comes with making your child mind and obey your rules. Kids THRIVE from limits set on them. That's what makes them feel safe! My classroom would not work if I did not have clear guidelines that I required my students to follow with consequences if they do not. I am all about positive reinforcement, it works! Catch them doing what you want them to be doing and reinforce it with praise or reward. Sooner or later, they are playing your game and you will find yourself saying "yes" all the time.

Getting Creative!

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Being a parent isn't easy, let alone the parent of a child with special needs. Understanding how your child learns best is key to being an effective supporter at home with their academics. Homework is a controversial topic in the education and parenting realm, however when it is made to be fun or incorporated into a family activity the benefits are profound. Yes, sometimes it take a little forethought and ingenuity to come up with math or spelling games to play while you're on a car ride, or waiting at the doctor's office, yet they can learn even without knowing they are being taught.

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Brain Movies

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Brain Movies

Brain movies help students visualize what they are reading and improve reading comprehension. This article is from one of my favorite sites, Edutopia. I encourage daily reading for 20 minutes or more to not only pique interest in a particular topic or author, but also because it improves language fluency.

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